Echo Memories

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The Main Lodge 1983

Picture from Harry Birch

Notice the 3 windows on the side, water tower on the back, front and back porches.

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The Loon's Nest and Main Lodge

Picture from Tom Faess



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Former owner Hank Faess

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Marcy Faess

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Tom Faess with Charlie

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Marcy Faess in the pantry of the Main Lodge

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Cabin #3 in winter

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Cabin #6

Where the Guides stayed

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Do you recognize the guide in this picture?

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Cabins #3, #4, #5 and the Loon's Nest

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Tool, Ice and Gas House where the Cushion and Fish Cleaning Shacks are now. 


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Hank and Lolita standing in the kitchen during the Lodge construction.  

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Main Lodge

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Norseman at Echo Lake plane dock.

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Plywood Cabin

That should be enough beer for today.

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Portage Trail picture from Harry Birch.

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Ad for Echo Lake Camps 1954 as advertised by Nels Spiers (Spires) original owner

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Marcy and Tom Faess across from camp.




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Walter Cameron by the Loon's Nest.                One of the 4 Cameron brothers who guided for Hank.

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Benches and Moose Racks.



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Tom, Mitzi, Dave, Dan and Karen Ehr