Pictures from 2006      

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Tom's first visit to Echo Lake Lodge in 1966.

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40 years later in front of the restored lodge.

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The new fish cleaning shack!


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Tony Shilka fillets the first fish in the new fish cleaning shack.

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This new woodshed will keep the firewood dry.

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An interesting visitor to camp this summer was a double crested cormorant.

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Joe and his gang had a good day fishing!


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Joe Blanke and Joe Ostrowski caught a boatful of Northern  (38" and 41")


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Brothers Collin and Alex Flagel with their  28" and 26" Lake Trout.

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Charley Whitmarsh

36"     12# Northern         High Lake


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Jim Carey

37"  15# Northern High Lake

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Blake Fischer's perch is almost big enough for supper!

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Jim Jones released this 26" Walleye.

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 This 24-5 lbs Walleye is still in Detour thanks to Marc Foster.  

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Hmm.... I wonder what's cookin' in the new lodge kitchen.


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Here is our garden!


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TJ Meiners caught and released this 8#  27" Walleye on Little Beaver.

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An inukshuk built by some creative guests.

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A severe wind storm took out 8 trees around camp.

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Luckily none of them fell on any of the houses.  This one just missed the swing.

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Indian Pipes on the trail to Lake of Bays.

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A nice display of Bunch Berries.

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This Pitcher Plant actually eats insects by trapping them in the liquid at the base of cup-like leaves.  Look for them on the Detour trail.