Pictures from 2008      

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McCoy Fischer (age 11)

28.5" Walleye

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Doug Eggers

28.5" Walleye

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Dean Eggers

28" Walleye

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Eileen Brown

40" Northern 

on her first fishing trip!

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Michael Ehr

38.5" Northern


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Red Eggers

31" Northern


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Ben Ostrowski

22" Lake Trout


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Nice Underbrush Lake Trout


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Bunch Berries

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Tornado cloud photographed by Don Karst

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We're gonna get wet!

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The calm after the storm.

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No more wet feet!

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We can see the Trapper's Cabin from camp now.

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A beautiful fall at Echo Lake.

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Camp, sweet camp!

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Mark Ipsan released his

Personal Best:  27" 8# Walleye

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Marc Foster released his

Personal Best:  28" Walleye in early June

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Another nice Northern for Sherri Evans.

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Jake Eggers    Lake Trout

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Water Lily

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Two new refrigerators in Moose.

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We tried to pick all of the blueberries in Ontario, but there were too many!

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