Pictures from 2010

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Aerial Photo of Camp taken in early March by Doug Gilmore, Park Superintendent, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

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The Loon's Nest in March taken by Keith Fretz.

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There was a hungry beaver in camp...

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Luckily the tree just missed the canoes and the party deck!

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Peter Anderson plans to mount this 43.5" Northern he caught on High Lake.

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Marc Foster caught and released this 41" Northern on No Name.

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41" Northern caught and released by Darryl Somers on High Lake.

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Rob Glodowski plans to mount this 32" Walleye caught on Detour.

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This 30.25" Walleye is one of many caught and released by Gary Pribyl this year.

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This 30" Walleye is  Doug Eggers' Personal Best!

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Bob Wall caught and released this 30" Walleye on Detour Lake. 

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Here is Mark Ipsan's personal best:  a 29" Walleye caught on Detour.

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Ben Ostrowski caught this 28" Walleye on Moose Camp Lake.

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Jim Jones caught this nice Walleye on Detour about midnight.

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A beautiful sunrise on Underbrush.

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Here is a great sketch of the main lodge by Lindsey Evans.