Pictures from 2011

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Lake water levels were down over 18" on Underbrush.

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This summer we saw rocks we've never seen before!  

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The "floating" dock wasn't even floating anymore.


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The 4-Wheeler dock was high and dry.


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Gary Pribyl released this 29" Walleye on Detour Lake.


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One happy fisherman!


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Gary Pribyl released this 28 1/4" Walleye on High Lake.

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Matt Kubiak caught this 40" Northern on Rocky Lake.  It weighed 13#.


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This 40" Northern was caught and released on High Lake by Jim Carey.

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Charley Whitmarsh's 40" Northern 

caught and released on Underbrush Lake completed his Echo Lake Grand Slam!

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Doug Eggers caught and released this 38" Northern on Moose Camp Lake.

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Does this fish look 1/4" shorter?  It's 37.75" and was caught on Detour Lake.

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Jon Goldstein 

32" Lake Trout  Underbrush Lake

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Nick Belott's "Heel Clicker"

26" Lake Trout  Underbrush Lake


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Dean Eggers

27.75" Walleye on No Fish


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New dock at portage to Detour on Underbrush Lake.



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Still looking for that pot of gold!

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Pretty Time at Echo.

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Watching over camp.

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Caribou seen by Doug Eggers.