Pictures from 2012

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32" Walleye caught and released by

Bob Wall on Detour Lake.

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Another 32" Detour Walleye caught and released by Darryl Somers.  

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This 29.5" Walleye from Black Beaver is a Personal Best for Brian Spangler.

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Steve Harms

29.5" Walleye     Detour Lake


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Kathy Baarsch caught and released this beautiful 29" Walleye on Black Beaver.                 

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Pat Stepanek

28.5" Walleye      Detour Lake

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Dexter Block caught this 27" Walleye on Detour Lake.

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Star of the nightly "Rabbit Show."

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Leon Kubiak

41" Northern caught and released    Detour

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Karen Ehr caught and released this 35" Northern on High Lake.


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This 29" Northern was caught and released by Mary Somers on Detour Lake.


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Nick Von Ahsen caught this 23" trout on Underbrush Lake.  


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Here is our new tribute to the original owners of Echo Lake Lodge.

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Echo Lake owners from 1989 to 1996.

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Echo Lake owners from 1996 to present.

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Tobonje namesakes:  Tom, Bonnie, Jeanie

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Fishing Brothers:  Ethan and Caleb

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A nice bull caribou seen on Tobonje Lake. 

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A Loon Party on Underbrush Lake.

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Flamingos spotted in my garden!


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Go Bucky!

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Bull Moose

Photo by Kathy Baarsch


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Echo Lake Resident Tree Swallow. 

Keep eating those mosquitoes!

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Four Miles from Echo Lake parking area.

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Nice fish, Nick!

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Great day fishing, Larry!

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Jack Rasmussen  29" Walleye