Pictures from 2013

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Jim Jones  40" Northern

on one of his favorite lakes

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Justin McGill is going to mount this

40" Northern he caught on Detour Lake

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     Chuck Warzinski released this                    40" Northern on Detour Lake

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Mergansers on Call Lake


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Jasper Block  28"  Lake Trout

Underbrush Lake

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Mark Ipsan    24.5"  Lake Trout


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Gary Dusil   24.5" Walleye

Detour Lake

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And this one from Black Beaver is 1/2 inch longer!   Nice 25" Walleye

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Beautiful Walleye!

Sheri Jones   25" Walleye

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Nice day for a stroll down

Flat Lake Road.

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Where is Cook Road?

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Where is the 4-wheeler trail?

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We'll get that trail cleared as soon as I get this fish back in the water.

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It doesn't get much better than this. 

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Recent update on the Lodge

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Luna Moth

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Sphinx Moth

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It sort of takes the guess-work out of knowing where to fish.


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In case you get lost...

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First swim with Mom

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Another nice Lake Trout from Underbrush

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Hello from Onnie Lake

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This is what it's all about!

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Perfect day on the lake.

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Roughing it at the outpost cabin.

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The guys

with smiles as big as the fish!

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The group showing their Spirit.