Pictures from 2014

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Dan Hanson caught and released this

      41" Northern on Detour Lake. 

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Dan Hanson caught two 37" Northerns:  One on Detour & One on Black Beaver.  Both were released.

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Kevin Konkol is going to mount this 28" Walleye he caught on Detour.  Later that same day, he caught a 28.5" Walleye that he released.  

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Tom Ehr released this 24" Walleye on Detour Lake.

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Jack Rasmussen with the 26" Walleye that he caught and released on Detour Lake.

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Gary (Johnnie) Dusil caught this

30.5" Walleye on Black Beaver.

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25" Walleye released on Black Beaver by Mitzi Ehr.

Send me your picture and I will put it here. 

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Rob Glodowski caught this 32" Lake Trout on Call Lake.

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A good day Lake Trout fishing for

John Melum  25.5"  and 23"

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Gary Kuchenbecker 

23.5" Lake Trout

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Gerald Murray

26.5" Lake Trout

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Nice Lake Trout, Charley Whitmarsh.


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Hey Gary, what did you catch that on?


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The Beavers were busy at the mouth of the creek on the way from Detour to Black Beaver.

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The Loon's Nest received a facelift this summer.